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Product Cards that ship BLANK.

No text or logos!

Bracelet, scrunchies, Necklace cards

Holds your Necklace designs in place for display.

Perforated Tags, Gift Tags

Have your very own listing placed here for future repeat buying.

Matching Jewelry Card Sets

Assorted Sizes & Cuts

Hair Accessory Cards-Bow Cards

Pockets to display and hold thin chain.

DIsplay your Ring designs in style

Folding Free Standing Jewelry Cards for Necklace or Earrings.

Test the fonts for your Business or Personal name for your purchase.

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Designer Stickers
Abstract Blue
Digital Jewelry Cards 7
Stickers, Watercolor Stickers
Digital Mandala
Hang Tag
Jewelry Card Sets, Faux Gold grass
Sticker, Pre-Made Stickers
Digital Gold stroke
Necklace Folder, Necklace Jewelry Packag
Earring Cards
Standing Tend Card with Front Opening
Hair Accessory Cards, Hair Bow Cards
In Bloom I 7 x 5
Ring Card, FOld Over Custom Cards
Custom RIng Holder Card
Ustom 3x3 inch Jewelry Cards for Necklac
Twig Jewelry Cards
Digital Blue and Gold
Necklace Pocket
Blank Earring Cards, Jewelry Cards Blank
wix tag new
Tags, Personalized Tags
Tags 2 x 1.25 inches
a face.jpg