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Mary N. Carnahan

Artist Biography

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Artist Statement

Creating art allows me to escape reality and gives me the freedom to explore.

What I find most interesting about mixed media and abstract art is the process of incorporating and manipulating a variety of different mediums and materials.

I am a multidisciplinary artist who visualizes ideas for my mixed media.  No pre sketches, I just start with a blank canvas and go.
In photography, I look for the unusual odd, and old along with the new ever-changing world.

One day at a time, stop and go as life allows me to enjoy what is put in front of me.

I hope you will enjoy my work in Non- Objective Mixed Media, Photography, Art Illustration, Paper Products, Stationary, and Graphics.

Sketchbooks and pre-thinking of what to create don't exist here, there are no rules and no limitations. Abstract art is my comfort place, my home where freedom of expression comes and goes on my own terms.

My work is a complicated process for me and I hope each viewer will have a personal journey while exploring
 and will continue their individual feelings. 

I love the versatility and endless variety of materials that can be incorporated into my art. 

I invite all realms of interpretations from those who view my art.

The Interview

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Interview by Mike Veltman
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