Always keep your Sterling in a box or plastic bag when not wearing them to help prevent tarnishing. goes on last and comes off first. 


❤100% Handcrafted by the artist.

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  • My Sterling Silver jewelry is handforged, slight hammer marks may occur.  

    Pairs are matched as closley as possible.  Some of the Sterling is rough sanded and hammered while other pairs are just hammered or pulled through a mill.  Read the description on all of the jewelry before you make the purchase.  High polished and ready to ship out in 3 business days.

    Please keep in mind that all images may vary in color due to monitor calibrations. 
    I re-check all orders and ship them as safe as I can to ensure the best delivery to you. Jewelry is placed in a Kraft box and shipped in a larger box to ensure a safe journey to your home.

    Please look over all the images and measurements in each description. Please read the description carefully before you make a purchase. 

    ❤ No refunds on jewelry. 

    Shipping policies

    All orders are shipped first class USPS with tracking so you can find out where your order is during shipping. 
    Once your order has been shipped and delivered to your door it is no longer my responsibility to replace it. Please contact your local post office to see where your package went.